Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts!

Bags & Shannon's stars 001

Two of my friends have recently given birth to their 4th and 3rd children respectively…

As I pondered what to make/give them in congratulation, I came across a reversible tote tutorial and thought, what a great idea! These moms already have TONS of kid stuff, both of their babies are girls, and both have big sisters and tons of hand me downs.

How about I make a gift for MOM to help with BABY stuff?

Bags & Shannon's stars 002


So thanks again to Dana at Danamadeit.com (I love her blog…she is so creative and has TONS of great ideas!) I whipped out 2 canvas reversible totes!

Both mom’s loved them, and one of them confided after opening it, that she was dreading all the ‘pink’ gifts, because she really doesn’t like pink. She received the tree/yellow stripes tote and was in love with it!

What a fun easy project! Of course I SHOULD make a couple for myself one of these days…


  1. They turned out so cute! I would have loved to get one of those for my baby shower. Good thinkin!

  2. Beautiful i like these stuffs and just perfect for mother.
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